About Us


Our Dental Practice was established by Doctor Salvador Gómez Trujillo over 25 years ago, in Los Boliches Fuengirola. It is a family practice constantly evolving in experience, technology and knowledge, and well known throughout the Costa del Sol.

Our Dental Practice meets all the quality requirements, certified by the quality control of the Málaga Dental Council. Thanks to our professional specialist staff, facilities and equipment, we can provide quality and state of the art dentistry and we can successfully treat complex cases.


  • CALIDAD6 fully equipped Dental rooms.
  • Fully equipped Sterilization room.
  • Spacious and comfortable Waiting room to make your time with us as pleasant as possible.
  • Post-treatment Recovery room.
  • Digital intraoral radiography system KODAK RVG 6100, with the best quality image on the market, in all Dental rooms.
  • Extraoral digital radiography system Planmeca Proline XC, for full mouth and lateral skull x-ray with highest quality, quick and low radiation.
  • Digital cephalometry by Nemoceph software for the study and measurement of teeth and jaws for complete orthodontic diagnosis.
  • Integrated intraoral camera dental unit to communicate more effectively with the patient, as you can see on the computer screen a photograph of your teeth.
  • LED cold lamp teeth whitening
  • Portable dental surgical equipment for hospital dental treatment.
  • Florida Probe ®: The latest digital technology applied to the diagnosis and monitoring of periodontal treatment (gum disease), used in most research on periodontal disease.
  • Latest endodontic equipment for faster and more efficient treatment.

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